MOSCA catalan british arts exchange

 “The UK Brexit and the Catalan conflict in Spain are part of the current European turmoil. Now more than ever is important to create international open cultural dialogues, questioning, imagining new ways, and breaking down the walls of intransigence from authoritarian rulers.”


mosca catalan british cultural exchange

From Latin musca
mosca f (plural mosques)

    fly (insect)

Processes of cultural activation
The creative network LND >< BCN



MOSCA is an open London-based collective of creative individuals provoking an exchange of ideas between London & Barcelona related artistic and cultural practices and generating Cultural Activation through exchanges, meetings and debates either physically or virtually.

MOSCA wants to be the catalyst that activates cultural exchange between 2 cultural worlds: London & Barcelona.

MOSCA does not commission, produce or exhibit. MOSCA activates! We want to create networking events and have creative ideas to make these two worlds engage and generate results.

MOSCA is driven by the creatives for the creatives, free of any ties with institutions, governments or marketing interests. It operates from the base.

At this stage we want to present our website featuring news, organising events, projects and including the profiles of the creative people/companies/venues; but for that, first, we need you: THE PEOPLE!

So, we are approaching creatives that, in a wide sense, are involved within the London-Barcelona creative axis, from either side. Check our Open Call

For any queries, you can contact us at

MOSCA is an initiative from Pau Ros developed with a team TBC soon…

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