• London & Barcelona are two capitals, big metropolis with a fluid multicultural population and an emphasis on culture.

• The UK Brexit and the Catalan issue in Spain are part of the current European turmoil. Now more than ever is important to create international open cultural dialogues, questioning, imagining new ways, and breaking down the walls of intransigence from authoritarian rulers.

• MOSCA is a platform for creatives that share interests in both cities.

• Creatives are artists, designers, architects, musicians, performers, cooks and all those people from the base that create and have declared interests between BCN & LND. Doesn’t matter where they come from or where they live.

• MOSCA wants to be a network that activates cultural exchange between these two cities.

• MOSCA plans to activate both online and onsite actions that link creatives with venues, galleries and cultural institutions from both capitals. MOSCA establishes connections.

• MOSCA is a non-profit initiative, created by artists for artists.

• MOSCA is free.

• MOSCA is not attached to any institution or sponsor that can dictate its fate.

• MOSCA does not commission or represent artists.

• MOSCA also has PARTNERS: PARTNERS are small-medium venues and/or institutions that can facilitate exchange.

• To become a CREATIVE or a PARTNER does not imply any cost, obligation or compromise; just the mutual benefits of meeting new creatives, companies and opportunities.

• MOSCA celebrates the edgy cultural values of the two cities and aims to become the bridge between them.

• MOSCA will host sporadic inventive events to create connections.

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