Our Partners

MOSCA Partners are creative industries, organisations, theatre companies, artists groups, creative spaces, galleries, venues, festivals in London and/or in Barcelona that can benefit from our cultural activation platform.

To become a partner does not imply any cost, compromise or obligation, It’s FREE and should be for your own good!

MOSCA Partners are organizations that have an interest in discovering ‘what’s going on’ culturally either in London or Barcelona.

Partners are companies/venues that can make this cultural exchange happen, and profit from it!

If you are a company, collective, venue or an organisation interested in becoming a partner, please contact us

What is that?

  • At MOSCA we want to create a fluid dialogue amongst creatives and creative organizations between London and Barcelona.
  • On a more specific level, we can offer our services to find and select specific artists/venues from each city.
  • If you are a creative organisation trying to organise concerts, festivals, performances, etc and you want to know ‘what’s going on’ in BCN or LND, we are your port of call.
  • If you are a creative and want to show your work (from BCN to LND or vice-versa), or have a collaboration, we can help you.

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