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On 20th of March our team was invited to Collaboration Station #5 event at Addicted To Life Gallery, so guys check it out! Great people, amazing art and brilliant perfomances! Thank you Abi Fantastic for making this world beautiful and giving an opportunity to the artists to show their works!

Posted by BCN by Heart on Monday, 28 March 2016



Barcelona-based Abi Fantastic is an all round artist, mainly focusing on painting but also creates installations, curating and organising events and more recently illustration.

Paintings are very much in an abstract expressionism style, working with very bold colours and marks, creating a lot of movement and expression. always working in a mix of media, mainly experimenting with acrylic paints, spray paints, gloss paint and inks. combining these materials in a way that create very uncontrollable marks and compliment each other. ‘half painting, half science experiment’ ‘art attack on acid!’

Also in the past and presently creating installations at various events and festivals using mainly natural materials and organising her own successful art and music events as well as curating others.

Collaboration Station is an art and music event which acts as a platform for any artist, musician, performer or creative to come together in collaborating and exhibiting their work together to create new and exciting shows in some great galleries and locations.

This is an event started a couple of years ago in England by a trio of artists and has now made its way over to Barcelona. previous shows have brought together some amazing artwork and performances, such as painting, photography, illustration, music, video, spoken word and contortion to name a few- as well as bringing together a group of artists and giving them the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside local and international artists.

It’s a great way of supporting artists with the end results being some very exciting shows and events.

This platform is always open to new artists to get involved, with events now happening every 2 months. so please contact for more information….

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