Eduard Solaz

Eduard Solaz / i’klectik Art lab

Eduard Solaz is a creative who was born in Barcelona in 1979. With a background in Drama and Film studies (CECC Barcelona 2000-2003) he collaborated in different awarded films ‘Poliedro’ (2004) ,TV shows, and International Film festival ‘Filmets’ (2009).

In 2010 he moved to London where he obtained his Fine Art BA at The Cass  (2013) with The Cass Alumni Award.

His work is mainly based on Installation Art. He explores the relationship between psyche and space through sound, video, performance art and sculptures ‘It is a Matter of Time’ (2013). His interested in participatory art and after being involved in different multi-disciplinary events Spontaneous Combustion (2013) and The Hackney Wicked Art Festival (2013) he founded I’klectik. He aims to create a ‘social installation’ for artists and the community where knowledge and creative interaction are used as a tool to generate social engagement.

i’klectik Art lab

i’klectik Art lab is a brand new creative space dedicated to the support of the development of cross disciplinary lines to promote experimental contemporary art .

We hope to create a laboratory where inter-disciplinary lines can overlap to create projects that address social, political, cultural and critical issues. i’klectik is open to collaborative projects such as workshops, lectures, panel discussions, screenings, sound & music events,  performances and readings to catalyse education, growth and transformation for the local community and the greater public.

i’klectik is an engine for bringing the creative elements in a focused environment for the arts and social development.



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