fransesc serra vila


Francesc´s passion for performing arts has been within him from early times. And this particular way of looking at things is highly influenced by his background in architecture.  

He delivers installations that integrate space, performance and the place where they take place; only when the visitor experiences them, the work is completed. His main aim is bringing spaces to life and, vice versa, nourishing any artistic expression with architectural aspects such as physics, structure or materials.

Particularly, he concentrates his attention in installations that visitors can experience, not only visually, but with all senses. The constructions proposed are based on the principle that they evolve: these alterations, made by performers, the visitors, the surrounding or the structure itself, wish to highlight the present.

Based in London, he combines these artistic projects (developed on his own or in collaboration with other artists – dancers, sound and lighting designers) with a job as Project Draughtsman at English National Opera.


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