C/ Vilà i Vilà, 67 / 08004, Barcelona
Tel: (0034) 93.315.54.58 /
Email: hola@hiroshima.cat




Hiroshima is a new independent venue dedicated to the exhibition of both emerging and established contemporary artists in the realm of performing arts, dance, circus and live music.

Hiroshima intends to give visibility to artists who demonstrate a high level of commitment to their art form, artists willing to take risks in challenging the boundaries of their genre,

who explore the application of new technologies with innovation and offer new concepts for contemporary thought and debate through their evolving practice.

Hiroshima’s commitment to bring international artists and companies to the city (Barcelona?) with artworks on both a small and medium format broadens the prospects of its artistic ethos.

Hiroshima offers a meeting point for the public with advances in contemporary artistic practice, increasing accessibility toward the understanding of contemporary art practice, it’s architecture and versatility.

Hiroshima chooses you.

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