‘Old Paradise Yard’
20 Carlisle Lane ( Royal Street corner )
next to Archbishop’s Park.
London, SE1 7LG

/i’klectik/ is a brand new creative space dedicated to the support of the development of cross disciplinary lines to promote experimental contemporary art .

We hope to create a laboratory where inter-disciplinary lines can overlap to create projects that address social, political, cultural and critical issues. i’klectik is open to collaborative projects such as workshops, lectures, panel discussions, screenings, sound & music events, performances and readings to catalyse education, growth and transformation for the local community and the greater public.

/i’klectik/ is an engine for bringing the creative elements in a focused environment for the arts and social development.

Eclectic George event aims to fusion Catalan & International creatives based in the UK to develop and establish a multi cultural interaction and an integrative artistic exchange.





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