lola clavo

“Barcelona is a great city but it is small and can sometimes feel asphyxiating, so when I finished my studies I decided I needed to breath and moved to London.

I was only supposed to stay here for 1 year, 7 have passed!

I constantly work in both cities, and I like it  because I think they balance each other very well.”

Lola Clavo


Lola Clavo

Lola (Barcelona, 1983) graduated in 2006 in Directing by Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC).

In 2007 she moved to London, where she worked as freelancer in many different areas of the moving image. Simultaneously, she explored subjects on sexuality, post-pornography and Queer Theory.

In 2009 her short film No love lost was selected to be part of the collective exhibition Spinning Tongues, curated by the Rotoreliefs collective. That same year, she was awarded with the prestigious Obra Social “La Caixa” Fellowship, to complete postgraduate studies in the UK. On top of that, her short film La lucha wins the second prize at the Petra Joy Awards, which are hold during the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

In 2010 her short film Switch! is released and screened in many different harenas, from Hangar in Barcelona to Volte Gallery in Mumbai or Galloverde International Film Festival on Sexual Thematic, Buenos Aires.

In 2012 Lola graduates with Distinction MFA in Film Directing by Goldsmiths University of London. And in 2013 receives a PorYes Feminist Porn Award for Switch!.

She is co-founder of Exotica Loom collective, and is currently in post-production of her first feature documentary La Plaza.

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