Rocio Chacon

Rocio Chacon (Mendoza, 1983). Studied Audiovisual Communication at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), in 2004 was granted with an Erasmus University Exchange to study in Paris and in 2007 received a scholarship to join the Master in Creative Documentary by the UAB. In Barcelona she worked for different documentary film festivals and for TV before moving to London in 2010 where she pursue a creative career in photography.

At present she is based in London and works in the photographic industry while she develops personal photographic and video art projects related to dance and performance arts.  She is co-founder of the project To Inhabit Spaces that works with dance improvisation and site-specific video art.

“When moving cities and establishing in a new country I feel sometimes in an in-between, with the heart divided in two spaces where your personal and professional life unfolds.

It is nice to think about ways to connect these two realities, weaving links to make it one creative and emotional place. ”

Rocio Chacon

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