Rosana Antoli

MA Sculpture/ Performance in Royal College of Art. London, UK.
Bachelor in Fine Arts in University of Valencia.

Her projects and installations have been exhibited in spaces and events such as AranaPoveda Gallery (Madrid), CA2M Museum(Madrid), Casal Solleric Museum (Palma), CCEC (Argentina), JustMadrid Art Fair (Madrid), CDAN Museum (Huesca), Espai Tactel Gallery (Valencia), CEART Museum(Madrid), Cery Churchil Theatre (London), CCAI (Gijón), Barjola Museum (Gijón), Room C Costume Museum (Madrid), ArteSantander (Santander), Instituto Juan Gil Albert (Alicante), Casona Olivares (Buenos Aires), Carme Museum (Valencia), Centre d’Art Tecla Sala (Barcelona), Kunstraum Gallery (Berlin), Feria Estampa (Madrid), Modularbeta Festival (Berlin), Galerie Karin Sutter (Basel), Casa Encendida (Madrid), Local Projects (New York), Scope Art Show (Basel), Volta Basel Art Show (Basel), Testbed1 (London), Buzzcut Performance Festival (Glasgow).

Awards and scholarships:

Gasworks International Fellowship, EAC Prize, Art 40 Prize, Guasch Coranty paintign Award, Shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award 2014 (Dubai), Equation Festival (London), ABC Drawing Prize, Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (Berlin), Leonardo Grant (Berlin), CCEC Residencias AECID (Argentina), Optica: International Video Art Festival (Spain), Filmmakers 1st Festival of Rosario (Argentina), Exteril Awards (Portugal) and two scholarships Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby’s (Spain).

Her work is part of the heritage of Alcoy, Sanxenxo, Novelda’s councils in Spain and form part of the collections: AranaPoveda Gallery (Spain), Karin Sutter Gallery (Switzerland), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), DKV Foundation (Spain), Tomas Ruiz Collection (Spain), Gabriel Sulkowski Collection (Germany), Toni Schwaiger Collection (Germany), Steffen Collection Hildebrand (Germany), Olivier Von Schulthess (Switzerland) and the CAM Foundation (Spain).

Rosana lives and works in London.

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